Sunday, March 17, 2019

I was talking to my son or it was Google Duplex?


Google has introduced a new dimension to the world of  Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Its smart devices are capable of mimicking human voice. This new technology may trick you in future by confusing you whether you are talking to your friend, relative or just a robot speaking on behalf of someone.

I was talking to my son or it was Google's Intelligent Device?

Google has come up with a virtual assistant which will not only do your day to day work but will also talk to the people if required. It is an AI tool which can do actual conversation with people on your behalf. You just need to ask yours google assistant to take care of your daily stuffs like fixing appointment with someone, booking a table in restaurant, a hotel google assistant will get the things done. 

Google Duplex? What is it?

Google Duplex is an extension to Google assistant. It is an Artificial Intelligence tool which has the natural language understanding and is basically designed to help google assistant to be more intelligent. Google assistant is limited to the information provided on internet but the AI power of Duplex will enable assistant to go beyond its limitation and talk to the people to gather information. It can do the necessary stuffs like booking an appointment or a ticket.

Google Duplex uses recurrent neural network (RNN) built using TensorFlow Extended (TFX). To obtain high understanding and perfection Duplex RNN is trained with anonymized phone conversation data.

The technology is not fully mature. The Demo shown below will show how duplex can talk to somebody on your behalf.

The developer conference held in 2018 was just an introduction to the basic version of Duplex which google is planning to launch.

Artificial Intelligence has enabled machines to talk to people, as per Mr. Pichai “Google Wavenet models the audio to create natural voice closure to how human speak, this model can capture the richness of one’s voice, which means if trained properly the model can speak like someone in future. A serious situation would be in case the device is hacked. It may also cause you to doubt whether you just had a call with your husband or it was some google intelligent robot on the other side. 

Google is yet to address many concerns raised about the security and privacy of the individual. As of now Google has managed to address couple of issues. At the beginning of the call, Google Assistant will identify itself and also inform that it’s recording the call. 

Google Investing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Google is investing a lot on Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP. Last year TenserFlow was released by Google brain.

Mr. Pichai have also spoken about using AI in Google research on retinopathy and cardiovascular risks which will certainly be a great tool for the medical science, but implementation of Artificial Intelligence in such a way that it can mimic human voice is certainly a serious concern.

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